Funky Official Lyric Video – Squirrel by FunkCat Brown

The funky song “Squirrel” started off many years ago as a catchy little personal answering machine greeting that everybody loved. FunkCat Brown has turned it into a quirky and funny new funk song representing the modern funk style sprinkled with a hint of the funk masters that came before him. This new funk was produced, arranged, composed and performed by FunkCat Brown and is the first song from his upcoming album to be released late 2015. He made this funky ass video himself just for you. Yes, YOU!

This video you are watching is expected to be nominated for a Grammy award for best music video. You can help the artist’s chances of winning by watching and liking the video on YouTube and making some funny comments or sharing it with your friends who may need to learn about some funk in their rump, in case they don’t already know. At the very least you should definitely GET UP and get your damn SQUIRREL on!